The kundalini rises in the yogi
By means of static pose and breath-control.
The yogi penetrates one after one
The six circles and unites Shakti with Shiva
At the thousand-petalled lotus in the head.
From that sweet communion streams of nectar
Flow constantly. The yogi drinks at it
And is liberated. But if thou chantest
'Rama, Rama' without a break, thou wilt
Not need any yoga. My mother (kundalini) will arise
On hearing the Name. Chant the Name, traveler,
Day and night. All austerities come with
Folded hands and place flower-offerings
At the feet of the chanter of the Name.
Don’t listen to, look at, or think of anything else.
Lose thyself and be blessed by chanting the Name.
Day after day thy life wears off. Chant the Name,
At all times, Sitaram, servant of the Lord.